Thursday, November 14, 2013

15 Most Awaited Games of PS4 & Xbox One

1) Watch Dogs
Watchdogs is like the geek's version of Grand Theft Auto. Explore an open world where you can hack into phones, access data, and completely change the world around you.

2) TItanFall
A futuristic FPS, Titanfall features combat between humans aided by giant robots. Maps and pop-up screens will make you feel like you're Iron Man as you travel around levels in one of the powerful titans!

3) The PS4 Play Room
Automatically installed with the PS4 is the interactive Playroom game. The Playroom is a digital projection screen that showcases how to use the new control and advanced Playstation Eye controls. This game will only lead to more interactive titles.


4) Knack
A new adventure game, Knack could follow in the footsteps of Jax and Dexter. It's an action-adventure with all types of weapons, levels and plenty of bad guys to destroy.

5) Kinect Sport Rivals
Kinect Sports returns with a sequel that features multiple games including jet ski racing and rock climbing. The Kinect will actually scan your whole body and place a digital companion of yourself into the game.

6) The Fighter Within
The Xbox One Kinect is fully tested with The Fighter Within. Mortal Kombat fans will love using real moves in their living room to control characters. With accurate sensors, you can have real time attacks, blocks and instant fighting.

7) Skylander Swap Force

Skylander gets an upgrade with the Swap Force release. New figures, new worlds and plenty of action will give children a reason to upgrade their consoles.

8) Ryse: Son Of Rome
Ryse is like Call of Duty set in ancient Rome. Battle with swords and armor as you try to conquer the city and change history. 

9) Lego Marvel Super Heroes
 LEGO games have become a regular release for every type of console. The Marvel Superheroes version could be the most popular ever. Along with using all of the Avengers, players will have access to the X-Men, Fantastic Four and Spider-Manamong others. 

10) Wolfenstien: The New Order
Wolfenstien returns! With deep game play, nostalgic fans will love taking the storyline into new directions. More variety in combat will offer multiple ways to play, including mapped co-op levels. 

11) Forza Motorsports 5
The closest thing to actual racing is Xbox One's Forza Motorsport 5. The graphics, lighting, and car controls will blow you away, and for the first time in the series the game contains open-wheel race cars. This game feels even better with a full-HD set up and surround sound.

12) Dead Rising 3
 Battling zombies just got better. In Dead Rising 3, you can play an improved cooperative mode, enjoy a variety of new weapons combinations, and see some of the most realistic gore ever inserted into a video game. This launch title is an Xbox One exclusive.

13) Battlefield 4

In Battlefield 4, you will not only take combat on the ground, but you can battle in helicopters, tanks, and jet skis! The game also features massive destruction, like being able to knock down an entire skyscraper. Pre-order the game to get extra XP and access to exclusive maps.

14) Call Of Duty: Ghosts

The servers are going to get their first big test on both the PS4 and Xbox One following the release of Call of Duty: Ghosts. The near-future shooter will be played millions of times on the new consoles. The Call of Duty franchise still remains hugely popular year after year, and fans will love to play with even more detail and realistic graphics.

15) Assasin's Creed IV: Black Flag
The assassin finally enters the violent world of pirates in one of the most anticipated games for the Xbox 360 and PS4. Entitled Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, this game lets you live out all your swashbuckling fantasies. With rich graphics and realistic boat movements, people could get seasick waiting for this one.